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  • Testimonials

    • Peter Cullen Trust – 2014

      “You might remember, at the Peter Cullen Trust get-together last year, I said how I’d been nominated to be on the board of the Burnett Mary Regional Group. Well I was elected. I was pretty surprised I have to say.

      We’ve had a couple of board meetings and last week a strategic planning meeting. I wanted to say a huge thank you to you because the presentations you have given to PCT events have been a really big influence on how I have approached the meetings. In particular that concept of starting with why is something that has been very powerful. I think the group has lost track of the why in a lot of ways and because of the discussion you’ve facilitated and videos you’ve shown about this, I feel confident to raise questions about the why. I hope it has started to shift things a bit and help people feel more inspired. So thank you very very much for providing me with such a simple and yet powerful way of expressing something so important!”

      Dr Tanzi Smith, Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee 2014
    • Looking Back…… Thinking Forward – Sydney Catchment Forum (Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority, December 2011-March 2012)

      “The Sydney Metropolitan CMA’s 2012 Community Forum was a great success thanks to Siwan’s inspiring key note address “Connections that Count: People, Place and Passion” and her work in helping plan and facilitate the event. The event was attended by 90 environmental volunteers from across the whole Sydney region who enthusiastically participated in the day. Siwan worked closely with our Forum planning team for several months to develop an integrated Forum program. Her presentation set the scene for two interactive sessions that engaged 90 members of the community in priority setting, followed by the groups being facilitated to develop aspirational stories of action. Prior to the Forum Siwan also ran a short session for CMA staff with tips on how to facilitate groups and what to expect from the process. Feedback from volunteer participants was enthusiastic:

      “Well organised and enjoyable Forum. especially Siwan’s input.”“I particularly enjoyed the different slant put forward by Dr Lovett.” ”We worked hard!!! But it was excellent” ”Particularly liked the talk by Dr Lovett. Very apt” “This year was as good as could be”.

      We appreciated working with a thorough and experienced professional and would wholeheartedly recommend Siwan to contribute to workshops where the aim is for participants to understand why they do what they do, and to leave feeling valued and empowered. With Siwan’s encouragement we are all striving to be happy ‘yellow’ people and will continue to spread this positive attitude among our environmental volunteering networks.”

      Nicola Dixon, Judy Christie, Jeanie Muspratt, (Sydney Metropolitan CMA)
    • Provision of community engagement and knowledge sharing advice – Border Rivers-Gwydir CMA (June 22 2011, Sydney Airport)

      “Our organisation had a series of community workshops scheduled to ask for input into a new regional plan. We really needed to get some guidance on how we should conduct the meetings to get the best value for everyone. After spending a few hours with Siwan, we gained heaps of strategies and ideas for the workshops, and we now feel confident that they will be enjoyable and everyone will benefit. It has helped us bring together our plans and to feel that we have greater control over what we will get from the workshops.”

      Wendy Miller, (Community Engagement Team, Border Rivers-Gwydir CMA)
    • Provision of social network analysis, anecdote circles and sensemaking to analyse and improve knowledge sharing and communication throughout the Lachlan Catchment Management Authority (May 2011, Cowra, Grenfell, Temora)

      “Following our work with Siwan and Nerida, a number of initiatives are being implemented. For example, we are rethinking how to use the extranet, developing a staff newsletter, providing shared meeting summaries, and developing a training knowledge strategy. Succession planning is being covered by engaging a film crew to video the staff who will be retiring soon, this should capture a vast array of knowledge on the catchment which stands to be lost otherwise. Reviewing workplans is one of the large projects which is being developed top include more knowledge sharing, these changes are currently going through the formal processes to get adopted and implemented organisation wide.

      Thank you so much for all your input we have had a lot of success, I think it will be important to capture the momentum and keep the encouragement going for all staff.”

      Emma Thomas, (Acting Business Manager Investments, Lachlan CMA)
    • Connecting through Conversation / Communication and Creativity Workshops (November 15 – 16 2010, Longreach)

      “Thanks again for the very engaging and inspiring workshop. Yours and Nerida’s passion and enthusiasm for your work is infectious and my exposure to it has come at an opportune time for me – it has been a long and tiring year; you have given me the boost I need to see me through” Mark Kleinschmidt(Commercial Services Manager, Desert Channel Solutions)

      Thanks to Siwan and Nerida for delivering a well-paced and entertaining workshop. There was a great balance of learning and doing, listening and looking, and seriousness and humour. The material can be applied to so many areas of work and life that it is invaluable to anyone who wants to improve their understanding of communication and creativity. I would thoroughly recommend you take the opportunity to open the door to new possibilities through this workshop.”

      Jeff Poole, (Indigenous Engagement Officer, Desert Channels Queensland Inc)
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